The Socks no.1513

​is made of Copper(CU)

 In August 2010, a Chilean mine collapsed and 33 miners were trapped. The miners were all dramatically alive after 69 days, but what happened in the mine for about two months?

 The miners lived with the help of government and people, supplied for the food, medicines, etc. necessary for survival. However, due to the heat and the humid environment, their feet began to develop fungal diseases such as athlete's foot.


 Initially, they treated their feet with antifungal ointment. But when it was not possible to cure it, they replaced the treatment with the socks containing   "copper".


 They reported by the JAMA Network that after two weeks of wearing copper socks, nearly 90% of the cases had improved symptoms.

Do you know

 Our feet consist of 30 joints, 52 bones, and 19 muscles. And we walk an average of 5,000 steps a day and about 62,000 miles over our lifetime.

 As such, our feet have long been the center of our body rhythms, a so called "second heart", and we have a duty to make sure our feet are pleasant and clean.

Have you heard about

'The Socks no.1513' is made of Copper(CU)

- Antistatic effect 

- Anti - bacterial 

- Heat storage fuction 

- Deodorant effect 

- Electromagnetic Shielding

 'The Socks no.1513' started from thinking about how we could treat our feet better, and was made through a total of '1,513 times sampling operations'.

 'The Socks no.1513' is made from the "Organic cotton" produced by minimizing the chemical process and the "Copper(CU)", the only metal that can remove up to 99.9% of the bacteria in the fiber. 

'The Socks no.1513' collection are made from organic cotton and are the World's Smartest Socks.


 Created by minimizing the chemical process, 'The Socks no.1513' helps to treat feet better by using "Copper(CU)", the only metal that can remove up to 99.9% of the bacteria in the fiber.

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